Download the App today!

Download the App today!

Enhance your fan experience at Soldier Field and beyond. Download the free Chicago Fire mobile app today!



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The Chicago Fire FC Mobile App makes it simple to access your mobile tickets, the easiest and safest way to get into Soldier Field.



Take part in interactive Soldier Field activities like the halftime L-Train Race, Second Half Song Vote, Man of the Match, and the all-new Rte The Players feature!

Chicago Fire Mobile App Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a new app or an app update?

This is an entirely new app. Follow these links to download the new app ahead of the team’s March 4 Home Opener against New York City FC:

The old app will remain online through the Fire’s home opener on March 4, after which it will cease to function. Fans are encouraged to uninstall the old app from their device upon downloading the new Fire mobile app.

Do I need to log in?

Yes. Upon launching the Chicago Fire mobile app, fans can login via their respective Apple, Google, or Facebook accounts, or create a new app account using their email address of choice. Logging in via any of the aforementioned methods allows the Fire mobile app team to tailor the app experience to fans’ membership status, and - eventually - to their status within the to-be-announced Fire loyalty program.

*Note - When attempting to access, manage, and purchase tickets via the Fire mobile app, fans will be prompted to login to the Ticketmaster experience separately using their Ticketmaster account credentials.

How can I access and manage my existing Chicago Fire FC tickets and parking passes?

Chicago Fire FC home match tickets and parking passes purchased through Chicago Fire FC, Chicago Fire FC Account Manager, or the Ticketmaster mobile app can be accessed via the Chicago Fire FC mobile app via the following methods:

  • Upon launching the Chicago Fire mobile app and signing in via your chosen method, locate the “My Tickets” button near the top of the Home Screen, underneath the name on your account and alongside the “Stadium Discount” and “My Account” buttons. Tap it, and sign into your Ticketmaster account by following the instructions on screen and selecting “Sign in to Chicago Fire FC”. Enter the email address and password associated with your Ticketmaster account. Once logged in, tickets to your upcoming events will be displayed and will be available for scanning at gates, adding to your wallet, transferring, or selling.
  • Along the fixed bottom menu of the app, locate the “Tickets” icon in the middle of the row, and tap it. Among the options on the next screen, tap “My Tickets” at the top left. From there, take the same steps listed above to log in to Ticketmaster and manage your tickets as needed.
  • Once accessed, fans are encouraged to add their tickets to the wallet on their respective device.

Can I donate and/or exchange my tickets using the app?

Currently, the Ticketmaster experience within the Chicago Fire FC mobile app only supports the transfer, re-sell, and wallet functions. The Fire mobile app team is working to integrate these functions into the app experience in the near future.

In the meantime, fans looking to donate their tickets or exchange their tickets are invited to continue using their mobile web browser to access their Chicago Fire Account Manager in order to accomplish ticket donation or exchange. Access Chicago Fire Account Manager here.

How can I purchase tickets?

Tickets to upcoming Chicago Fire FC home matches can be purchased through the Fire mobile app’s integration with Ticketmaster via any of the following methods:

  • On the Home Screen of the app, where the Fire’s next matchup is displayed, locate and tap the “Buy Tickets” icon at the top right of the screen. Ticketmaster’s inventory of available tickets for that match will appear, and users can navigate through available prices, sections, and seats before adding to their cart to purchase. Upon checkout, users will be prompted to log in tor create an account through Ticketmaster in order to complete their purchase.
  • On the Home Screen, within the “The Stadium” section, a “Buy Tickets” button appears. Tapping it will display the ticket availability for the Fire’s next home match at Soldier Field via the Ticketmaster platform. Upon selecting the desired seats, follow the on-screen prompts and either create an account of login to Ticketmaster in order to complete your purchase.
  • On the Schedule screen, “Buy Tickets” buttons are available under each Chicago Fire FC home match for which tickets are available. Tapping that button will launch the Ticketmaster experience, where users can navigate through available seating options and purchase upon logging in or creating an account through Ticketmaster.
  • *Note: Chicago Fire FC Season Ticket Members should purchase single-game add-on tickets using their Chicago Fire Account Manager in order to ensure they receive their exclusive discounted rate.

How can I access my 2023 Season Ticket Member 20% discount on concessions at Soldier Field?

2023 Fire Season Ticket Members are entitled to a 20% discount on concessions (non-alcoholic) at Soldier Field, which can be accessed through their Chicago Fire FC mobile app. Access your unique QR code and scan it when prompted at Soldier Field concession stands by doing the following:

  • Launch the Chicago Fire FC mobile app and log in successfully.
  • On the Home Screen, within your Account hub near the top of the page, locate the “Stadium Discount” button placed between the “My Tickets” and “My Account” buttons and tap it.
  • Upon tapping, a screen will launch that contains your unique QR code that can be scanned at Soldier Field concessions stands when prompted by the attendant.

How can I manage my settings?

Users can manage things like their account name and contact information, their password, and their push notification settings through the new mobile app’s “My Account” page. Access this page via one of the following methods:

  • Upon launching the Fire mobile app and logging in successfully, locate and tap the “My Account” button near the top of the Home Screen alongside the buttons for “My Tickets” and “Stadium Discount”.
  • Along the fixed bottom navigation menu, locate and tap the “Menu” icon on the far right. When the app menu opens, a button for “My Account” appears at the top within the “My Account” segment of menu options. Tap it to access the “My Account” page.

How can I contact the Fire support team if I have issues?

For fans experiencing issues related to their mobile app experience or ticket account or who simply have questions that the Fire service team can address, a new “Contact Us” form has been added to the new Fire mobile app. To access the “Contact Us” form, either:

  • Scroll to the “The Stadium” section on the app Home Screen and select the “Contact Us” button located within it.
  • Tap the “Menu” icon along the app’s fixed bottom navigation menu, and upon opening, select “Contact Us” from within the “The Stadium” segment of menu options.
  • Select the “Contact Us” option located within the user’s “My Account” page, which can be accessed via the app’s Home Screen and Menu screen.

How can I follow live match updates?

Alongside the launch of the new Chicago Fire mobile app comes an enhanced match center feature that allows fans to follow Chicago Fire FC matches in real time using the app. Access the unique match center experience for each Chicago Fire FC match by doing any of the following:

  • At the top of the app Home Screen, tap anywhere on the matchup that appears within the “Next Match” field.
  • On the Schedule page, tap the right-facing arrows located next to each matchup.

Once inside the match center, fans can access a number of different tabs related to the matchday experience both home and away:

  • Interact: This tab features all the ways that fans can engage with the match, which includes voting for the Man of the Match, rating player’s performances, purchasing 50/50 raffle tickets, choosing a winner in the halftime L-Train Race, and voting for the team’s second half walk out song. Note - The L-Train Race, second half song vote, and 50/50 raffle are only available during Fire home matches. Soldier Field: Within this tab, fans can quickly access a stadium guide, as well as paring and directions, safety policies, guest services information, issue reporting, and a “contact us” form. Note - This tab will only appear in the match center of Chicago Fire home matches. Lineup: Here, fans can see the Chicago Fire’s starting XI and bench following its announcement prior to kickoff, and tap into each player’s bio to learn about their individual stats and biography.
  • Commentary: Click into this tab for in-the-moment play-by-play of match actions via Opta, including goals scored, chances created, cards, stoppages, and more.
  • Statistics: See how both teams stack up against one another statistically within this tab, as well as the fixture’s recent results prior to the current meeting.