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Here's how you can support the CFFC Pub Network and other local partners during COVID-19 closures

Safety measures taken by the city of Chicago and state of Illinois in response to the outbreak of COVID-19 have posed significant challenges to bars, restaurants and other businesses across the region, including those with close ties to the Chicago Fire FC family. 

While restaurant owners and staff members navigate the interruption of their businesses and livelihoods, there remain ways for fans to support their local establishments, whether in the form of gift card purchases, takeout orders or direct contributions to GoFundMe accounts launched in the wake of recent closures. For fans in a position to support the venues that are committed to supporting our Club and our sport, below are the preferred ways in which we can all contribute to the longterm health of our local pubs.  

Information on how to support other local venues and partners will be added to this list as it becomes available. 


Chicago Fire FC Pub Network