CJ Brown DL

Chicago Fire Soccer Club statement regarding C.J. Brown

CHICAGO (December 1, 2014) – The Chicago Fire Soccer Club offered the following statements regarding C.J. Brown’s resignation as the Club’s assistant coach:

“It’s disappointing to lose C.J. from our coaching staff, as we made every attempt to ensure he would remain with the Club long-term,” said Frank Yallop, Fire Head Coach and Director of Soccer. “In a sense, C.J. saw an opportunity to ‘get the band back together’ so to speak. C.J. was a valuable part of what we are doing here and I have great appreciation for the work he put into this Club over the past season.  As we wish him well in his next endeavor, our Club remains focused on seeing our plans come together. We look forward to the campaign ahead.”

Said Brown: “I have made a very difficult decision to leave the Fire. My family is very sad about leaving a place we consider our home, but I have been given a chance that I cannot pass up.

“With this being said, I want to thank Frank Yallop and Andrew Hauptman for all they did to bring me back to the Fire and giving me an amazing opportunity with an incredible Club. You opened the doors to my family and me as if we never left. I am truly thankful for that.

“I had a great experience with the Fire, will always be a fan and I will never forget the great memories here as a player and a coach. I wish the Chicago Fire Soccer Club nothing but the best in the future.”