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Klopas on Rogers: "We would still be open to him being part of the Fire"

CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Earlier Friday, midfielder Robbie Rogers announced on his website that he was stepping away from the game of soccer, beginning a new chapter of his life after announcing that he is gay.

Last month, the Chicago Fire acquired the 25-year-old midfielder’s MLS rights as part of the trade from Columbus which brought midfielder Dilly Duka to the Men in Red.

Since the trade, Fire head coach Frank Klopas said he had reached out to Rogers to discuss what his plans were but the two didn’t connect.

Reached for comment Friday, Klopas said his opinion of the former U.S. international hadn’t changed.

“Yesterday I thought he was a very good player and I still think that today. Should Robbie want to return to the game, we would still be open to him being part of the Fire.”