Nuestro Fire

The Nuestro Fire Story

Introducing Nuestro Fire, a unique fútbol apparel line proudly inspired by Chicago Fire FC fans, crafted to celebrate, and pay homage to the rich Latino culture in Chicago. The first collection will feature five uniquely designed items, including four short-sleeve t-shirts and a crewneck sweatshirt, starting at $30.00. Additional items are slated for future inclusion.

Led by Chicago Fires' very own Erika Mariscal, Nuestro Fire is a true reflection of the team and its supporters. The story behind this collection is one of unity, pride, and fiesta that embodies the spirit of the fans, the colors of the Club, and the connection of the community with their roots commemorating their contributions to this city, as well as their individual stories and traditions.

Designed to honor the Latino culture and fútbol, this line stands as a tribute to Chicago’s multitude of ethnicities, and love for this sport that brings people together across different backgrounds, creating a place for unity and belonging.

Each piece of Nuestro Fire commemorates the relationship between the Chicago Fire and the Latino community by combining culture, fashion, and fútbol, resulting in designs that are culturally significant by drawing inspiration from the city’s heritage, cultural diversity, and great history.

In essence, Nuestro Fire is created by latinos for latinos and it serves as a powerful link to the Latino families, their ancestors and shared love for fútbol. By wearing these commemorative artworks, the aficionados not only represent Chicago Fire FC but also proudly celebrate their identity, heritage, and the diverse cultural mosaic that makes up Chicago.

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Where to Buy
Soldier Field on 10/4

Soldier Field on 10/4

Shop the Nuestro Fire collection at Chicago Fire FC home matches.

Fire Pitch

Fire Pitch

Head to the Fire Pitch to purchase and hang out at Heineken Pub97.