Read: Lampson's full statement on winning the 2016 MLS WORKS Humanitarian of the Year award


I would like to congratulate all that were nominated for Major League Soccer's Humanitarian of the Year, but in particular, Luis and Gyasi. They are not only amazing individuals that have accomplished fantastic things for so many people, but they are also my friends, peers, and inspirations.

I am humbled and overwhelmingly thankful for this tremendous honor bestowed upon me. However, this distinction is not mine alone. The reality is that I would never be able to reach as many lives as I do without the tremendous efforts of those close to me. This laurel therefore, also belongs to my family. The support, knowledge, and advice provided to me throughout my medical history and the course of my Foundation's existence has been imperative.

This award also belongs to the Chicago Fire. The encouragement and assistance from the front office, teammates, and community relations staff has been critical for the amplification of my message. This honor belongs to every team in MLS. Without the amazing help and planning of each and every team within Major League Soccer, I would never be able to meet cancer patients, survivors and families across the United States and Canada.

Lastly, and most importantly, this merit belongs to every single cancer patient, survivor, and family member that have taken the time to read my story, and be inspired to make a difference within the world. These people are the reason that I have such a passion, and they are the reason I will not stop until there is no longer cancer to be conquered. I did not initiate this ardent undertaking with accolades or awards in mind, but I am particularly grateful in this instance, as those that have made this possible, have had the opportunity to be recognized.

Thank you all once again for your unwavering support, and I am unbelievably thankful for everyone that has made this accolade possible.

Matt Lampson is a goalkeeper for the Chicago Fire.