Intercontinental Football Show | The Fire release their new crest, Liverpool vs. Man City lives up the hype, Brentford continues their brilliance

The Liverpool vs Man City match had the soccer world on the edge of their seat. Mo Salah’s goal almost forced Arlo to be bleeped on-air (5:43). Premier League roundup, good, bad, and ugly (20:17). Brentford is brilliant and the story of the year (23:19). Can Ole Gunnar Solskjaer be the man to lead Man United to trophy success (30:50)? The post-Raphael Wicky era sees CFFC downed in Toronto (33:43). What to look for with the USMNT this week (39:20). CFFC release their new crest with a week-long Chicago Fire FC celebration (44:11)!

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