kid m3mito portrait

Kid M3mito kicks off eMLS League Series Two qualifying on Tuesday

This week marks the opening round of qualifying matches for eMLS League Series Two presented by Coca-Cola, in which Chicago Fire eMLS player Guillermo Treviño (a.k.a. Kid M3mito) will look to build upon his showing in January's League Series One.

Kid M3mito will play seven qualifying matches across Tuesday and Wednesday night, before playing five more matches in a second round of qualifying held on Feb. 9. 

First up on Kid M3mito’s League Series Two qualifying schedule is Philadelphia’s cisseSZN, who qualified for the League Series One tournament before being knocked out by eventual champion Didychrislito (NYC) in the opening round. The pair will kick things off on Feb. 2 at 7:30 p.m. CT.

Following the three nights of qualifying, the top eight finishers will then advance to the League Series Two Tournament set to be held Feb. 13-14, for which they’ll compete in a seeded bracket for a place in the Grand Final. The tournament can be viewed at, on, or on the free MLS app.

Despite a strong finish to his qualifying campaign in League Series One last month, Kid M3mito finished one point shy of qualification for the tournament. He earned 25 points across 14 matches, with a record of 8-1-5.

Qualifying records from both League Series One and League Series Two count toward the overall eMLS standings, and will help determine which competitors advance to the eMLS Cup Playoffs in March.

View Kid M3mito's full slate of upcoming qualifiers below, and click here for more details on all things eMLS League Series Two.


February 2 - 7:30 PM CT

cisseSZN (PHI) Kid M3mito (CHI)

February 2 - 8:00 PM CT

Kid M3mito (CHI) BYE

February 2 - 8:30 PM CT

Kid M3mito (CHI) DOOLSTA (NSH)

February 2 - 9:00 PM CT

Gonzo (COL) Kid M3mito (CHI)

February 3 - 7:30 PM CT

Kid M3mito (CHI) IMCF_Pabs (MIA)

February 3 - 8:00 PM CT

KingCJ0 (DC) Kid M3mito (CHI)

February 3 - 8:30 PM CT

Kid M3mito (CHI) RemiMartinn (LAFC)

February 3 - 9:00 PM CT

Skill Shack (VAN) Kid M3mito (CHI)

February 9 - 7:30 PM CT

Kid M3mito (CHI) PhilB94 (TOR)

February 9 - 8:00 PM CT

tokyorift (MIN) Kid M3mito (CHI)

February 9 - 8:30 PM CT

Kid M3mito (CHI) Adamou (RBNY)

February 9 - 9:00 PM CT

ENZO (ATL) Kid M3mito (CHI)

February 9 - 9:30 PM CT