The best quotes from Chicago Fire FC's 2020 media day

A packed house of journalists and TV crews convened at the CIBC Fire Pitch on the North Side on Wednesday to welcome Chicago Fire FC back to the city and preview the upcoming 2020 season at Soldier Field.

New head coach Raphael Wicky was in the spotlight first for his formal presentation to the media. Afterwards, the first team gathered to speak with journalists. Here we've compiled some of the best quotes from throughout the day for easy consumption. 

Robert Berić: "Myself and all the players will give everything for the team. For sure when you’re building something new it will take time to know each other on the pitch, but we are working hard so that we will get results as soon as possible."

Johnathan Bornstein: "Whenever there’s change, you have to take it as an opportunity. We have enough time to build a good group, and I’m very excited this preseason to see how we develop. Everyone is already coming together and we’re looking forward to our first game in Seattle."

Brandt Bronico: "We are working hard for each other and doing the best we can for this city. That should be the minimum requirement for every player that steps on the field in a Chicago jersey."

Francisco Calvo: (translated from Spanish) "The coach and all the staff are amazing people in the short amount of time that I’ve known them. The team needs to become a family. I’ve never seen a championship team that is disorganized. All the players need to have the same goal, and I think we are getting there. We’re building that strong locker room that will give us results."

Álvaro Medrán: (translated from Spanish) "I’m very comfortable here in the city. I have everything I need, the only thing missing is to start playing. Individually, (my goals are) to play as many games as possible, do it right, and especially to get the team in the playoffs and to get as far as possible. I think that will be the biggest impact that I can make and that’s why I’m here."

Djordje Mihailović: "We’re always looking for trophies. We’re going to say that every year. But if we can develop a certain style and consistency and really connect to fans on an emotional level, it’s going to come with success."

CJ Sapong: "For me as a veteran, I’m always going to try to be better than I was last season. There’s always going to be the variables that are thrown in there, however, as players, it’s how you respond to your environment that shows your character. And come September and October, that’s what will get you those extra points and into the playoffs. It’s a cool buzz right now, and we have an amazing opportunity to create something special."

Raphael Wicky: "We want to win every day in training and we want to win our games. Making the playoffs is one of the big objectives, but that shouldn't be the end of the objectives."