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Quote Sheet: Fire vs. Union

Quote Sheet:
Chicago Fire 1 – 3 Philadelphia Union
Toyota Park – Oct. 3, 2012
Leo Percovich – Chicago Fire Assistant Coach

Thoughts on the game…
“I wish I could be here to celebrate the three points. They way we started the game was bad. We expected to change something in the game to get it better but with the way we started we didn’t have the right attitude to win the game. We tried to make different subs that would push the team forward. We were looking to put high pressure but it didn’t work and at the end we were still pushing with three guys in the back. We put Franco, MacDonald and Oduro up top. We tried to put high pressure and tried to get the ball a little more on top of the field, but the red card with Franco changed what we tried to do at the end. We are not happy tonight but one thing is very true, I still believe in this team. I still believe in these players. They don’t show how much we can do but I believe in them until the end. This was a very bad performance tonight but I believe. We believe. We stay together. We need to adjust, to correct. But listen, I’m full of pride for these guys. Not for what they did tonight but to be working with them every day. Saturday we have another opportunity to play. Reorganize the group. Back on the edge. I think we’ll move forward because we are right there.”
On if he thinks this was the worst performance of the season…
“Yes. I agree with you I think it was the worst game we’ve played of the season. Especially when we play at home you never expected that. And tonight, humbling. They played. We saw the pressure. We put too much pressure on ourselves, I don’t know. We couldn’t find each other. And you saw. We were with the ball, we were very different than we were before. And sometimes that happens. This is soccer. This is not a science. Sometimes soccer works on emotion. It’s not an exact science. Sometime these things happen and they happen in the worst moments. You never expect it. That’s why we reorganize. Try to take the experience of what happened tonight and get ready for the next games because there’s another opportunity three, four days later.”
On if he got an explanation for Franco’s red card…
“No. I was trying to ask him because from the bench we think the guy was in front of Franco and Franco tried to hold the ball. I saw he kicked the ball but for me it wasn’t a red card. The referee gave him a red card.  In the first half the referee gave a yellow card but it wasn’t a yellow card when they were often 50/50 balls. They get the ball and sometimes it was bad luck for the other player. With 50/50 balls it’s very difficult. From my point of view from the bench I don’t think it was a red card.”
Sherjill MacDonald, Chicago Fire Forward

On the distractions leading up to the game between the anniversary celebration and playoff pressure:
“I think there’s pressure, but the problem is that once we get behind we start to play sloppy and start to force it.  That has a little to do with the pressure and the bad play today.”
On the second straight loss for the first time this season:
“We have to keep doing the same things we’ve been doing.  We felt very good this week, we looked sharp in training and everyone was ready to win this game, but it’s important that we play the same in the game.  Now we have to go on, train hard – the next game is going to be hard but we have to go there and try to win.”
On the loss:
“This was the perfect opportunity to win, but sometime there are games where nothing comes.  We were very sloppy in the final third tonight and that was our own fault.”
Arne Friedrich, Chicago Fire Defender
On the loss:
“The problem, that we saw again today, is that a small percentage of players think we are in the playoffs and we forget to defend.  We had been scoring two or three goals, but when we played well we defended well and this must be our goal for the next couple of weeks. “
On the rest of the season:
“Maybe it’s good that we know we are not in the playoffs yet - we have to work hard and we have to defend first because in the end good defense wins.   We played well for the first couple of months and now we’re getting lazy and if we continue to play like this we have no chance to get into the playoffs.  I hope it’s early enough that we come together, recognize that and on Saturday we have do things completely differently.  First we have to defend our goal, then we can score and win the game.“
Patrick Nyarko, Chicago Fire Midfielder
On the result:

“I knew weren’t in the playoffs yet, but that a win today almost guaranteed it and that’s how I approached the game.  Most of the guys knew we haven’t clinched a spot yet and we needed a good result tonight.  But in the first few minutes out game plan backfired on us.  We tried to press forward a little and they had one big ball played from the back that beat our midfielders slip through and we were caught out of position – that’s what cost us and we were chasing the game.  In the first half we didn’t play up to our potential and in the second half we played with a little more intensity, but the second goal seemingly put it out of reach.  Even after that we thought we could come back and at least earn a tie.   The red card just messed everything up, they are good passing team but we remained determined to fight back.”
On having to come back so many times this season:
“We have to focus on not giving up and early goal, we’ve done that way too many times.  Fortunately we’ve been able to come back but at some point your luck runs out, so we need to avoid going down early.  We need to come out early, cover all our spots stick to our game plan.  If we want to pressure we need to make sure everyone is covered and we’re not left exposed to give up an early goal.  When the game is tied I feel like we get stronger as the game goes on. “
Guille Franco, Chicago Fire forward
“I went for the ball it was a normal play at midfield, neither relevant nor dangerous. He kicked the ball and when he kicked it, there may have been some contact but it was not with an intention other than getting the ball and I was shown the red card.  I explain to ref I was on the field to play and not diving or elbowing anybody and on the first 50-50 ball that I go for I get sent off. This is the first time that I come in as a sub and get sent off”
Philadelphia Union Interim Head Coach John Hackworth
On knocking off a team near the top of the table:
“For us, it wasn’t as much about knocking off Chicago as it was more about reinforcing the performances that we’ve had in the recent weeks.  We feel like we’ve played some really good soccer.  We’ve just been on the short end of the stick a lot.  So it was good to come out here – obviously the Chicago Fire are an excellent team – I think they are going to do an excellent job in the playoffs and going forward.  But we had a little something to prove tonight.  It was satisfying we put in a good performance and we got the goals we needed.  Good enough defending despite them being really dangerous in the attack.  Great result for us.”
On returning home to face New England:
“The only part that’s tough is that it’s such a quick turnaround.  This will be our third game in 8 days.  It’s always really tough to manage.  Coming off our last two games, we have a deep roster, and it might be a good opportunity to just like tonight was, for some guys to step up and get an opportunity to play and show the fans and other people what they don’t know. “
On securing a win with less shots on goal than the Fire:
“I think if you look at the first half, you’ll see we had more possession.  So it’s natural that when they threw as many attacking players on, they were throwing everything forward and that changes things a little bit.  Obviously then we’re just playing for the result.  So at that point, possession doesn’t really matter as much.  The point is, I think we did a great job controlling the tempo of the game, getting an early goal.  We defended a little too much but then we got the second goal and killed it off with the third goal was really important.  We have out possessed most teams we have played and I’ll take the 3-1 win versus losing the stat on the possession any day.”
On Danny Cruz’s injury:
“It looks like he might have a fracture there.  We have to evaluate it.  Our medical crew is already on it, but he’ll be evaluated with x-rays and MRIs when he gets back to Philadelphia.”
Philadelphia Union Forward Jack McInerny
On the match:
“I thought we played like we’ve played all season.  We’ve dominated teams for the most part.  Today we didn’t end up with more possession than the other team but we came away with a win, whereas it’s been opposite for us the whole season.  I thought we played well and we deserved to win.”
On the team’s mindset before the game:
“We came into the game talking about the first five minutes and the last five minutes of each half where we’ve given up a lot of goals this year.  It was our goal to hold it down and come out firing in those moments. “
On beating a potential playoff team:
“It feels good.  For the rest of the season, our goal is to get better.  We’ve gone to Los Angeles and beat them, we’ve gone to Kansas City and smashed them at home; we know we can play with the best teams, it’s just that we need a consistent performance every week.”
On his goal:
“I think Danny Cruz picked up a good ball in the midfield and Friedrich had to step up with him, and Danny saw that and turned and played a good through ball on the ground and Sean [Johnson] came out and I played it past him.”
Philadelphia Union Midfielder Antoine Hoppenot
On impacting the game:
“I came in and scored a goal via a great pass by Mike [Farfan].  He really just gave that to me on a platter so the credit goes to
the team, we had a lead and I helped them [secure the win.]”
On how the team felt going into halftime:
“When we came into the locker room at halftime, Coach said we had the lead and not to let it go.  He told us to go out there and instead of backing off, he said go for the second.  If you’re able to get the second goal that’ll really take the wind out of their sails and they won’t want to play with us.  So we went out there and played for the second one.”