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Quote Sheet: Fire vs. DC

Quote Sheet:
Chicago Fire 2 – 4 D.C. United
RFK Stadium – Aug. 22, 2012

Chicago Fire Head Coach Frank Klopas
On the turning point of the match:
“I think it was giving the second away that late in the first half. We gave up easy goals, especially the first and second one. Also, United’s third goal dug a deeper hole, which meant that we had to make changes and play a riskier game that left wide open spaces for them. It paid off when we scored our second goal, but it also allowed them to score again. I give credit to D.C. for coming out with good intensity and winning the game.”
On the corrections Chicago has to make in the next games:
“I think we came out too casual in certain situations. We have to be more alert and more focused. I think that teams must earn the goals they score against us, but some of United’s goals were a little soft and we could have prevented them. We did perform well in some aspects and I am happy with the team. It’s just little things, like opening your hips or looking at both references -the guy with the ball and the player making the run – that can make us a tighter team. I think that we have to regroup now. We have a little break of ten days, which will let us to get some of our players healthy and allow us to get ready for some big, exciting games coming up.”
Chicago Fire Midfielder Marco Pappa
On what he thinks Chicago did right:
“Setting the end result aside, this was definitely an attractive match. It was a close game, and both teams had a lot of chances. We had options, we even hit the post, and we tried to put pressure on them, but now more important matches are coming, and we have to keep fighting.”
On D.C. United now being just one point behind Chicago in the standings:
“We knew how important this match was, but what’s done is done, and now we must lift our spirits, learn from our mistakes, and continue to improve.”
On what Chicago lacked to achieve a better result:
“Well, at the end of the day it’s about scoring goals. The 4-2 result is a clear indication that we must take better advantage of our chances and finish more often. I think everyone contributed positively on the pitch today, but unfortunately we could not get the score we wanted.”
Chicago Fire Midfielder Gonzalo Segares
On his goal:
“I don’t think it’s motivating to score when the team does not win. We are disappointed about not achieving the result we wanted today. We are capable of playing better, but unfortunately it wasn’t our day.”
On Chicago’s errors:
“It was mostly our lack of order. Once we went down in the scoreboard, we started pressuring up, which spread our lines thin and gave a lot of space for players like De Rosario to hurt us. When we play away games we are generally a very organized team, with two defensive lines that close down space well, but that was clearly not the case today. That was what made the difference in the game.”
On the upcoming schedule:
“It’s always vital to win at home, but especially now that it is the final push of the season. We are very focused on winning our home games so that we can to cut the distance between us and the leading teams of the conference standings in order to reach the playoffs.”
D.C. United Head Coach Ben Olsen
Overall thoughts on the match:
“We could have put them away much earlier, but besides that, it was a really good night. I was impressed with a lot of guys starting with Marcelo [Saragosa]. He set a good tone and I’m proud of him. He has had a tough year and I have relied on him very sparingly and he’s always telling me, ‘I got it, you need to put me in the game.’”
On Andy Najar’s performance at right back:
“I thought Andy [Najar] had a really good day at right back…It was pretty impressive. It was fun to watch, that’s for sure. I think he knows [that he can be a good right back]. He has these unique qualities in this League and they all lend itself to the modern right back. You look at soccer now and the outside backs have to be good on the ball and dynamic, they have to have great engines to get up and down the field and they have to be brave in their defending. He’s got a lot of those qualities. He will grow into it. We’ll still use him on the flanks and it’s a good option to have.”
On Lionard Pajoy’s performance:
“I’m glad he got his goal. I thought he caused their center backs a lot of trouble.”
On Dwayne De Rosario’s performance:
“Dwayne’s back. Dwayne played with a lot of energy and we fed off of that…Him getting that goal is big. But even more so, I saw Dwayne back today a little bit more. The last two games he has really stepped up his game. I think he senses that this team needs him now and the team needs him to be great. He’s inching towards that and I’m hoping that he can consistently put numbers on the board again.”
On the response after Sunday’s performance:
“I guess it motivated them and we still feel a little bit wronged and it is still a little bit on all of our minds. I’m glad we responded in the right way today.”
On Marcelo Saragosa and Perry Kitchen playing together in the midfield:
“On paper it has always made sense. If their spacing is right, they can coexist. Sometimes when you have two like-minded guys in the same spot, you worry about them both doing that holding midfield role and not being able to push out. I’ll tell you what – they did it very well tonight and I was very pleased. It’s an option now going forward for sure.”
On the next match against Montreal:
“It’s a quick turnover. Its probably only fitting since we caught Montreal in the same way here. They will want to get a little payback from that. We’ll play the best group that we have and fight it out up in Canada.”
On Pajoy’s goal:
“It’s a great response. We have done that quite a few times this year – where we get scored on and then come back and put one in. It was a great response. I’m happy for Pajoy. It’s always nice when you go to a new team and get your first goal. I’m happy for Long Tan. For him to come in and put that in, it really eased up some tensions there down the stretch.”
On what needs to be done better:
“There was some issues as well. The free kick, the set piece was unacceptable. We have to sort that out. When you make subs, it’s easy to lose track of who has who, but we have to sort that out. That’s unacceptable. If were in a tight game, that could cost us.”
D.C. United Forward Dwayne De Rosario
On his goal:
“Most importantly, it feels better when you come away with a win and that’s the objective – no matter how it comes, we’re looking to get three points. But, I think the way we performed tonight really showed what we’re capable of and we’ve got to come with that same intensity, that same performance every game. If we do step on the field with that passion, that emotion, that drive, we’ll be alright.”

On the response after Sunday’s draw:
“It shows a lot of character. I think a lot of guys experienced a lot last year and we don’t want to experience the same thing and we’re just trying to push forward and learn from our mistakes each game. We’re still disappointed that we let in a set piece goal, so that’s something that we need to clean up. Every game you can learn something from and we really want to limit giving away goals on set pieces.”

On being undefeated (8-0-4) at home since March 10:
“We always said, we want to make this a tough place to play and I think we’ve done that. Right now, home wins are important – it’s vital to our success and to where we want to go. So we’ve got to keep that focus and bring that same intensity and focus on the road with us. We know our road record hasn’t been the best, and we have time to improve that.”

On the importance of the supporters are home:
“I can’t speak highly enough about the fans and their support. We’re just trying to encourage more and more fans to come out and show their support, but the fans that have been with us, through the rain – through the good and the bad – we salute them. They’re our twelfth man and we’re very happy to have that support every time we play at home.”

On his changing role on the team:
“It’s a long season and this is crunch time – where every team is picking it up a gear and we need to do the same, especially me. I’m one of the main leaders of this time – me and Wolffy [Josh Wolff] – and we take a lot of responsibility on ourselves when the team doesn’t perform or when the team doesn’t do well and we’re willing to stand up for our team. We’re happy with the performance tonight. It’s going to take that same mental toughness, that same focus going into Montreal. We’re going up against another team that has been doing well, but if we play our game, we should be fine.”

On looking ahead to his 100th goal:
“My focus right now is wins and if I have to score to help my team win, so be it. Whatever the case is. Right now, I’m just looking at working hard and for my team.”

On Pajoy’s goal just before halftime:
“It was huge. I have to credit Andy [Najar] on being aggressive. From kickoff, we took it right to them. Andy fell, got back up and still took it to the defender and created that chance. Pajoy following it up on the back post and finishing it off was huge going into the half.”

On Najar’s performance at right back:
“Great. I think his work rate was great. He really bounced it out very nicely for us on the defensive side and going forward. He created that option going up the wings, which is huge for us and we’re very happy with his performance tonight.”
D.C. United Midfielder Marcelo Saragosa
Overall thoughts on the match:
“First of all, I’m very happy to be back on the field with my teammates. Three points is very important for us tonight, so I’m very happy for that too.”
On the team’s recovery after Sunday’s draw with Philadelphia:
“Everybody felt disappointed, sad, but after Sunday we left everything behind and started working and thinking about Chicago. I’m very proud of my teammates and very happy about the result.”
On sharing the central midfield with Perry Kitchen:
“He is a good guy – we work well together. But it’s about the team; it’s not about me and Perry. It’s about the commitment, the team, and everyone together helping each other. This is what it’s all about.”
On the importance of Lionard Pajoy’s goal:
“It’s great. When you score right away, it gives you more confidence, more energy, and then we are back in the game again.”
On facing the Montreal Impact on Saturday:
“First of all we need to recover and then start thinking about Montreal. Montreal is a team behind us and we need to push hard and get the three points there to go higher in the standings.”
D.C. United Defender Brandon McDonald
On recovering from Sunday’s match:
“It was good because we had to get over it. We felt like we got one taken away from us last game, so I think we were kind of riding off that. Everybody here knew what was at stake because that was a big game for us in the standings table. To come out with this result is huge.”
On Dwayne De Rosario nearing his 100th MLS goal:
“I don’t think he worries about it. He is a team player. The goals will come and for him is just about getting into playoffs.”
On Andy Najar’s performance at right back:
“I like to welcome our new player “Cafu” to our team [laughs]. He was unbelievable out there. I don’t know where his feet came from or how he gets out of some of the stuff he does. I’m there in the game thinking ‘how in the world is this guy doing this?’ So for me, playing next to him is great because I can sit back and watch and don’t worry about it coming back down our throats.”
D.C. United Midfielder Perry Kitchen
On Dwayne De Rosario’s impact on the team:
“He is our captain for a reason. This is crunch time and we need guys to step up. I think as a whole we were kind of in a rough patch there for a little bit and I think we are making our way out of it, and we need to if we want to make the playoffs.”
On the midfield partnership with Marcelo Saragosa:
“It was great. Marcelo is a very hard worker and he kind of split that role with me. We were more side-by-side rather than one in front of the other. I think it was a good shape for us. We hadn’t worked on it too much, but coming into the game we knew we needed to battle because they had three guys in the middle there.”
Overall thoughts on the match:
“Overall, I think it was good, granted that we still gave up two goals and one of them was a set piece-goal. We want to stay away from that because those are preventable goals. We just have to learn from it and move on.”