Arne Friedrich

Q & A with new Fire defender Arne Friedrich

Arne Friedrich is quite the accomplished player. Getting to know him today, I asked about some of his greatest soccer achievements as well as his view on other American sports… Here’s what I found in Questions with Arne!

Jeff Crandall: First, I feel a lot of people will probably mispronounce your name… Could you tell me the proper way…?

Arne Friedrich: In German its “ARE-na” but I’ve heard the Americans say its “ARE-knee”. It’s not a problem for me either way.

JC: Do you one or the other?

AF: No, not really.

JC: Well I find it important to try and pronounce in the native tongue so, Arna it is!

AF: Great!

JC: So, ARNA, what was your greatest moment as a player? Was it the goal you scored against Argentina in the 2010 World Cup quarterfinals?

AF: (Laughs) Of course! In the national team I just scored one time, I guess 14 times but yes that was the best goal, the best moment and most important goal of my career. Scoring the third goal against Argentina, was a special feeling and was a wonderful day for Germany and for me personally.

JC: Who is the best player you’ve played against?

AF: Has to be Lionel Messi. Cristiano Ronaldo is also not bad but Messi for me is number one.

JC: Best player you’ve played with?

AF: Bastian Schwiensteiger is pretty special.

JC: Favorite sport outside of soccer?

AF: I like the NFL and I’ve seen the Super Bowl in Germany but its always very late when it comes on in Germany with the seven hour difference. I also like basketball and I saw the final last year with Dirk Nowitzki winning with Dallas over Miami. I’ve never seen baseball, but I would like to see it at some point while I’m here. We don’t really have it in Germany.

JC: Did you ever go to any NFL Europe games, maybe a Rhein FIRE game?

AF: Yeah definitely. Obviously I lived in Berlin for a long time and we had the Berlin Thunder and I saw them play three or four times.

JC: Most recent movie you watched?

AF: I saw Moneyball when I came over on the plane last week.

JC: I’m a big fan of Aaron Sorkin’s writing so Moneyball is a personal favorite of mine… Is that responsible for your recent intrigue in baseball?

AF: Yeah a little bit (laughs). I still don’t know any rules but that doesn’t matter so much, I’d love to go to a Cubs or White Sox game while I’m here.

JC: Danke Arne!

AF:  Gern geschehen!