Argentina Korea

Hats Off To Argentina

Even without Park Chu-Young's own goal that put Argentina up 1-0 after 16 minutes, Gonzalo Higuain hit the first World Cup hat trick since Portugal's Pauleta in 2002, making one scoreline Higuain 3, South Korea 1. To be fair though, Higuain was the finisher of some very unselfish and creative play from a talented Argentinian front line, with World Player of the Year Lionel Messi dazzling in this match.

Those wondering where the attacking soccer was in this tournament found it this morning and even as lopsided as a 4-1 scoreline looks, South Korea weren't all that bad, stealing their goal just before halftime when Martin Demichelis coughed up the ball in the back. The mistake allowed Lee Chung-Yong an opportunity alone with Argentinian keeper Sergio Romero and the South Korean striker capitalized to take the match into the half at 2-1.

The play was reminiscent of Claudio Reyna's giveaway against Ghana four years ago in Germany...

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