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Read: Letter from Bastian Schweinsteiger

Letter From Basti

Read: Letter from Bastian Schweinsteiger -

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I will always remember my arrival to Chicago as well as my first great season with the Fire. My exciting American journey began in March 2017. From the first day on, it more than matched my dreams.

After I walked through the doors, it was an incredible sight on my arrival at the Chicago airport – a huge crowd of supporters welcoming me to the city. They chanted and sang. I could feel that this was going to be a special experience.

That burst of support upon my arrival never seemed to stop. In fact, it grew. Whether we played at home or on the road, I must thank all of the fans who came to see our team play.

Read: Letter from Bastian Schweinsteiger -
Read: Letter from Bastian Schweinsteiger -

The feeling was the same when Ana and I were away from the field: absolutely welcoming and friendly. We felt as if we had found a new home in the city of sport.

I chose Chicago Fire because I wanted the challenge. I believed in the club’s plans and felt in harmony with its values. I wanted to help grow soccer in the city, in North America, and even more – to help restore glory to the club.

Last season had some high moments, and also some that maybe did not go the way we all hoped. Our team reached an important milestone by returning to the playoffs. However, our year ended without a trophy, and so it felt incomplete. As a sportsman I can not accept this but with the great support of our fans, I am sure we can create another great season.

I love this city. I love this sport. And I love winning. And so, it is with great happiness that I announce my return to the Chicago Fire in 2018. I look forward to another year with my teammates, the staff and, of course, our great fans.

It’s time to get back to work.