Chicago Fire FC were 1-0 victors on the road on Saturday, as forward Robert Berić's first half finish made the difference against the New York Red Bulls. Read thoughts from head coach Raphael Wicky, Berić, and defender Jonathan Bornstein following the match below.

Chicago Fire FC Quotes

Chicago Fire FC Head Coach Raphael Wicky

On what it means to the team and to him, personally, to get a road victory…
“Well, I think it's a big win. It's a big team win. I'm proud of the guys and proud of everyone who is here, of the way they approached this game. Guys starting, guys not starting, guys being on the bench, not playing a minute, but pushing each other and helping each other. It was, from the beginning to the end, a team win.

Obviously, it feels really good to have an (away) win. One-and-a-half years almost, or so many games, is a long time. We (have) had, for sure, prettier games on the road. We (have) had, for sure, games where we played much better football, where we created way more chances.

But this was just a great team fight and the team showed a great mentality and spirit and I think it was very hard to break down and that's why it's a deserved win.”

On how important it was for Robert Berić to score such a big goal for the team…
“Yeah, it's very, very important for him, of course. Look, we all know that strikers, they live and breathe from goals. Robert had not many goals this year, and so it's very important for him, but he's very happy for the team. He's very happy that we won, actually. Of course, then, that we win with the goal he scored is for sure very, very good for him.

But look, we have spoken about that a lot - Robert has often chances. He had chances this year to score more goals, (but) somehow they didn't go in. Tonight there weren't many chances. It wasn't really pretty but you have to be there as a number nine. I'm sure that he will have chances again in the following games, in the games coming. It's just very important that we all keep working hard, that he keeps working hard and believing. That's most important.”

On how the team can turn this road win into a consistent run…
“The most important thing is that we limit our mistakes. This league is so tight and really anyone can beat anyone. You go into a game and you know you have a chance but you also know going into every game if you are not 100 percent and you make more mistakes and silly mistakes that you may lose this game. That doesn't happen in many leagues, back in Europe, for example. So this league is different.

So, for us, we had many good road games where we played decent football and where we create a lot of chances and where we were up games but at the end of the day it's about limiting mistakes, and I think that's going to be crucial for us. How good of a balance can we find of playing good football and attractive football with some risk, but also, then, in certain moments say ok it’s not about being pretty. I think that's going to be crucial in the future.”

On Francisco Calvo being on the game day roster but not starting or playing…
“That was a tactical choice of mine, nothing else. I chose tonight to go with some other players, and Francisco accepted that, was very positive and was a good captain in the locker room before the game, during the game, and yeah, nothing else. I just chose to go with some other players tonight.”

Chicago Fire FC Forward Robert Berić

On how much he needed that goal, personally, and how much the team needed to get a win on the road…
“I think I needed a goal, the same like we needed a win away. We are really happy and it's a relief, finally, for me and the team that we succeeded; me to score and finally to win away, and yeah, let's work hard and let's try to keep this momentum going.” 

On whether he is looking forward to making a push for the playoffs given that the team is within a handful of points of the playoff spot...
“I mean, let's just try to keep going from game-to-game. It's difficult to think about playoffs now. I would like to say that we have to try to fight every game like that, like we (fought) today, and let's just make points every game, and we will see where we are going to finish the season.” 

On what has been different for him as a striker this year compared to last year, and whether this goal could spark him forward...
“I hope so. I try to do my best every game and I try to score every game. That's my job at the end of the day. But yeah, you know how it is, sometimes when you fall in this gap, and you simply cannot score, it also becomes a mental thing. It's not easy but yeah, let's hope with this win and with this goal that we try to keep the momentum like I said before. Yeah, that's it.” 

On how the team keeps the momentum and good feelings going during the international break…
“I mean, we have now two weeks to have good trainings and to prepare, and to prepare ourselves to enjoy, most of all, to enjoy football. Yeah, we just have to keep this energy at trainings. We have to work hard and prepare for the next game, and yeah, keep going.”

Chicago Fire FC Defender Jonathan Bornstein

On how much it means to the team to finally get that win on the road…
“Yeah, I think more than anything, just extremely proud of the team, the way we handled that whole situation. You know, we never put our arms down, heads down, even though we've had some struggles on the road, we've continually, I think, been getting better and tonight was a demonstration of all the hard work that's been put into trying to get that win on the road.

We are very happy but there's always something to build on and always things we can improve on. But also, we got to enjoy this one. It's a big three points for us, and continue to keep this kind of train rolling and get the results on the road.”

On how proud he is of the team’s performance as they come away with three points and a clean sheet…
“Yeah, I mean, I already said it. I'm extremely proud of my team. Everyone who was on the field left it all out there. You know, obviously in games where it's 1-0 on the road, the home team is going to come with a lot of pressure, a lot of attacking moments. And I thought we did a great job of absorbing that pressure, winning a lot of the crosses that came in, being tuned in at all the right moments, and so you've got to shake the hands of all the defenders and all the forwards.

It was a team effort today so I think we got to enjoy it. Again, things to work on but you know, I think we did a great job of not allowing a goal. Bobby did a great job tonight organizing us, coming up big in the moments he needed to, and it was a great team effort.”

On his thoughts that only four points separate the rest of the standings to the seventh and final playoff spots…
“We take it game by game to be honest. You know, we obviously -- our goal is to make the playoffs and how do we do that? Winning game by game. Next game, we have a little bit of a break before we can work on a lot of things in training, and prepare ourselves for the next game.

Obviously these three big points help us to get to where we want to get. But I think the mentality is take it game by game, and we've got to be gaining points and closing that gap to get to the playoff picture. There's enough points out there for us to accomplish that goal, and so that's kind of what we have in the back of our minds and that's how we prepare ourselves for each weekend or each game.