Quote Sheet | Klopas and Gutiérrez Speak To Media Following 2-1 Loss to Columbus Crew


CHICAGO (June 10, 2023) - Chicago Fire FC fell 2-1 at home against the Columbus Crew on Saturday. Following the game, Head Coach Frank Klopas and midfielder Brian Gutiérrez spoke to media at Soldier Field.

Chicago Fire FC Head Coach Frank Klopas

On what happened in the match...
“You saw it. I thought that we had a really good, excellent 45 minutes, I would say. And then we came out the second half and you can see that we seemed a little bit fatigued or a little bit heavy-legged. I mean, if you look at the goals that we give up, we turn the ball over, it's a shot from 35, deflection. And then you know, another turnover there and it's a shot from 50, 60 yards out. So that's a hard one. 

The effort was really good from the guys. We made changes, I felt, that brought energy into the pitch and we got back into the game and, you know, obviously we had chances and maybe we could have scored another one. But you know, it's a tough one when you come back like that and to give up one in the end like that. It's really unbelievable. The break would have been great, obviously, maybe it's good that we have this break in three days, a little bit, for the guys to recover and then there's a lot of games left in the season. It's tough to lose in this way.”

On reaching a break following a long run of matches...
“Yeah, it's just always good to go on a break on a positive note. Obviously, this is, we'll take it. You want to go on a positive note, but obviously the last two matches, with the Open Cup and then this one. I mean, obviously playing here in front of our fans, we came with out really good energy. We played really well 45 minutes and then I think we dropped our tempo a little bit. 

So, I think it's a good time to have a break. Obviously, would have been better going in with a win or with points but we'll take it right now and regroup. Obviously, we're gonna miss some guys because they're away with national team duty. And hopefully they have safe travels and they're back healthy.”

On the message to the team during an extended break...
"I just think that, you know, we're in this thing together to the end. I mean, there's a lot of games left to be to be played. Obviously, it's difficult getting points on the road so we know these points are home are very crucial and important. I knew we were playing a good team but we played extremely well. We had some really good chances the first half that we created, we were dominating in possession. 

So, the message is the same. We have the next game to look forward to. I think it gives us an opportunity to work on things that we didn't have the luxury to do so with the amount of games, so I think that's going to be helpful and beneficial. And then it's just the next opponent. I'm always, I think there's got to be a commitment – and there is – a mentality with the guys that, you know, we need to do whatever it takes to try to reach the goals. There's a lot of games left; you put two or three wins together and it changes everything in this league. I think there's a tough stretch also coming up now when we come back, because we go to Portland and then KC; Leagues Cup I think after that and then in July, you have a four-game stretch at home. 

But we just got to manage moments in games a little bit different, because if you look at tonight, the goals that we gave up and then the goals we scored and the opportunities we have, sometimes doesn't add up. But that's the game. I know it's a difficult one for all of us tonight and even our fans, but you know, I know one way, and I think the team, and that’s just to look forward and keep working."

On the message to the team in the locker room...
“The locker room was quiet, don't expect anything else. The message was for me, I think that I had no issue at all with the effort that the guys put forth. But on the other hand, it's just managing games and moments in the game. And again, if you look at the way we, the goals we gave up and then the goals we scored and the chances we created. But, you know, it was a quiet locker room. But I spoke to the team and I just said look, it's a tough one, we got to move forward. There's a lot of games to play, we got to stick together and then we got to do everything that we can in our power to reach our goals and that's the message. I wished the guys that were leaving safe travels and all the best. And I think three days away from each other will be great and then we're back to work.”

Chicago Fire FC Midfielder Brian Gutiérrez

On the message from Head Coach Frank Klopas on the match…
“Yeah a tough result, bitter result conceding towards the end of the game. Unfortunate, really unlucky. There's a whole other half of the season. Got to take these three days off as an advantage to rest the mind and get back for Portland. And believe as a group, as a unit.”

On if the International break is perfect timing considering the heavy amount of games played within the last month…
“Yeah, for sure. Obviously, there's a bunch of games we had with the [Lamar Hunt U.S.] Open Cup. Yeah, it honestly can get you mentally and physically and I think we have a much needed break for us.”

On how he is feeling physically with his game time….
“Just trying to do my best, I'll help the team as much as I can. And trying to play as many minutes [as possible]. And if the coach calls on me I'm always ready.”

On his recovery plan for the next few weeks…
“Well for sure. Just rest. Rest the mind, rest the legs, which we need. And trying to get back after it. Next week will be a good first full week of training and hopefully we start off the week good. And we keep the momentum and are looking forward to Portland.”

On how he stays positive as a young player during difficult times…
“As you reflect on the games you do. You see video, you try to do your best and try to see what you need to improve, what you’re doing good at. And just trying to improve everyday and work as much as I can.”