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QUOTE SHEET | Columbus Crew SC 3:0 Chicago Fire

michael de leeuw

Veljko Paunovic, Chicago Fire head coach
On the overall result of the match
"First I want to thank our supporters who came here. Unfortunately, disappointing result and disappointing performance. We are aware of the issues we have this season and we have to fix it. I think the game reflects exactly how this team feels right now, which is very fragile. Very easily we concede goals, but that has been the whole season. This game was pretty much the same. Positive things, you can always find positive things. What I like about the team is we tried until the end to score at least one goal. We weren’t even close, but at least that’s the mentality we have to look for. On the other side, I think the effort was also huge for us, but we have to do much better, we have to improve, we have to work ahead for the next season.

On playing matches when you can’t make the playoffs
We always play for something. That something is our honor, our pride, it’s always there. I really don’t care if I have to win three points in a game, whatever I have to play, I give everything. That’s exactly what we have to find, guys that understand that well. For the future and from now on. That’s the mentality we have to keep and that’s the mentality we have to improve. It has to be better."

On Columbus’ first goal and what the team should have done to defend it better
You have to understand the situation. You have to read the game, that’s what we always say. Of course, I think the setup could be better and defending that 3v2 on that flank, which later resulted in a fantastic goal. Still, there are things before the goal is conceded, there are things that you have to do better. Once the player takes a shot like that and scores, you have less opportunities. For your goalkeeper, it was a tough ball. Still, I think, before that we could do better."

Michael de Leeuw, Chicago Fire forward
On tonight’s match
"Today, they killed us. They were better on every part of the field. Everything has to be better. I think we didn’t create enough chances so it all has to be better. Two weeks from now we play at home and we’re stronger at home so let’s hope that game goes more our way."

On the support of the traveling fans
"The support was great and we want to do something back for them but the only thing I think we can do is work hard and show them that you put an effort in and score goals. We didn’t do it. [Crew SC] killed us the whole game but the support was good from them and we felt it."

On the last month of the season
I think we have to, for the fans, try not to be last. I think it’s eight points out with three games left so it’s going to be hard. We just have to learn, play hard, and just don’t give up. We know the season is over but we can still learn a lot from these games and from each other because we’re a team."