Johnson addresses Fire supporters: "No words can describe my gratitude"

Sean Johnson

Dear Chicago Fire Family,

No words can describe my gratitude and how thankful I am for you. This is by far one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to put in words. The past seven years has been an incredible journey starting with a dream turned into an opportunity, eventually becoming a place that I am proud to call home. I never thought this day would come, but unfortunately this chapter of my life is coming to a close.

When I first moved to Chicago, I knew nothing about the city. I didn’t know the tradition and history this club possessed. I was blessed to start my career learning under those who understood and were a part of this culture. Players of the likes of C.J. Brown and Brian McBride helped pass on what it meant to wear the Fire badge and represent this city, and I held that dear to me for the years to follow.

My aspiration was to help bring this club a trophy and get it back to caliber that fans not only want but truly deserve. It truly hurts that I wasn’t able to do more during my time here. There are good times, bad times and the in between. What never changed was my passion to give it my all every game, the unwavering support from you fans and the feeling to see a smile on a kid’s face no matter the result.

I would like to thank Andrew Hauptman and the Chicago Fire organization for giving me the opportunity to represent this club.

To my teammates and staff: I want to thank you for all the great relationships over the years. Without you guys I wouldn’t be the player I am today. You have helped me grow tremendously and I will forever be grateful.

To Section 8 and Fire fans: You will always have a special place in my heart. During my time in Chicago, you have truly made me feel like a part of the Fire family and I will miss each and every one of you.

As this time comes to an end, I’ll be embarking on another journey that I’m excited and thankful for. I wish the Fire nothing but the best in the future. It has truly been an absolute honor to wear the badge. Until we meet again… Love!

Sean Johnson