Intercontinental Football Show | An interview with Chicago Fire President of Business Operations, Dave Baldwin

EPISODE 93 - Tyler sits down with new Chicago Fire FC President of Business Operations, Dave Baldwin, to discuss his experience in the sports business, his new position with the Fire, and what's next for soccer in Chicago.

Recapping the Chicago Fire Foundation Season Kickoff Luncheon (1:20), Why Baldwin chose the Chicago Fire (2:00),
His sporting and business experience (4:40), on becoming a soccer fan (6:00), His favorite soccer memories (8:45), on what he learned rebuilding with the Miami Dolphins and the Washington Commanders (10:45), on the soccer consumer experience (13:20), on soccer’s potential growth at the next World Cup (14:35), on expectations from Chicago fans (16:35), his favorite things about Chicago (17:55), Rapid Fire! (20:22).

The Intercontinental Football Show is presented by Chicago's own Revolution Brewing, maker of Chicago Fire FC craft beer Hazy Pitch. Click the links below to listen now on your favorite platform!

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