eMLS league series 2

The 2020 eMLS season kicked into high gear last week in Portland with a drama-packed League Series Two competition.

Enrique Espinoza, or BITW7 as he's known by his gamer tag, turned in a strong performance for Chicago Fire FC by finishing with a 7-2-3 record and fourth-place finish among 25 participants on Day 1. Those results included a thrilling 2-1 victory over 2019 eChampions League winner Didychrislito of NYCFC. In the ensuing live stream on Day 2, Espinoza matched up against RCTID Thiago of the host Portland Timbers in a quarterfinal clash. Espinoza controlled the majority of the game and led 1-0 into the 80th minute before Portland roared back for two late goals and the win. FIDDLE of FC Cincinnati ended up winning the tournament over Paolo Neto of Atlanta United FC, while Espinoza captured sixth place.

Next up on the eMLS calendar is the eMLS Cup, which will take place in Austin at SXSW on March 21. The top 11 players from League Series One and Two have automatically qualified, while the remaining 14 clubs battle it out in the last chance bracket for the 12th and final spot in the big tournament. Last year, Espinoza, also a Chicago Fire Juniors City youth club coach, advanced to the Knockout Round of eMLS Cup after winning the last chance bracket. His 13th place finish in the regular season means he'll be the second-highest rated player this time around behind only KingCJ0 of DC United.

Espinoza will head to Austin with wins under his belt against No. 2 ranked Paulo Neto of Atlanta United FC, No. 3 ranked Didychrislito of NYCFC, No. 6 ranked GODFATHER of LA Galaxy, and a draw vs. No. 1 ranked FIDDLE of FC Cincinnati. You can view the full standings here.

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