Welcome to CFFC Live, a brand new, completely free streaming platform for Fire fans and supporters throughout the 2021 season.

All locally-televised matches airing on WGN-TV will additionally be available for streaming right here. Thirty-two of the Club’s 34 regular season games are currently scheduled to air on WGN-TV and stream on CFFC Live. The same feed and game call will be aired on all platforms.

Per League rules, CFFC Live will be available for fans in the Chicago designated market area (DMA). Fans can enter their zip code here to determine whether they will have access to the stream based on their location. It is highly recommended that fans use Wi-Fi and enable location services on their device when streaming matches.

Fans located outside of the Chicago DMA will be able to stream all locally-aired Fire matches via MLS’ out-of-market package on ESPN+.