Football Operations Staff

  • Eddie Rock
    Senior Director of Football Operations
  • Alex Boler
    Sr. Manager of Team & Football Operations
  • Mario Gonzalez
    Manager of Team Operations
  • Momo Momcilovic
    Manager of Player Relations
  • Brian Sauer
    Equipment Manager
  • Juan Arreola
    Assistant Equipment Manager

Scouting and Analysis

  • Borja de Matias
  • Marc Chervaz
    Video Analyst

Performance Staff

  • Ben Donachie
    Director of Performance
  • John Grace
    Performance Coach
  • Hodong Cho
    Sports Scientist

Medical Staff

  • Joshua Blomgren, D.O.
    Chief Medical Officer/Head Team Physician
  • Brian Forsythe, M.D.
    Head Orthopedic Officer
  • Kousik Krishnan, M.D.
    Team Cardiologist
  • Jeff Tanaka
    Head Athletic Trainer
  • Hillary Bell
    Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Tyler Golden
    Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Steven Burrows
    Massage Therapist