Football Operations Staff

Eddie Rock
Senior Director of Football Operations

Alex Boler
Sr. Manager of Team & Football Operations

Mario Gonzalez
Manager of Team Operations

Momo Momcilovic
Manager of Player Relations

Brian Sauer
Equipment Manager

Juan Arreola
Assistant Equipment Manager

Sporting Operations Staff

Brian Rider
Head of Sporting Operations

Joey Dimas
Sr. Manager of Sporting Operations

David Carlos
Sporting Operations Coordinator

Football Analytics

Kevin Minkus
Director, Football Analytics


Jeff DeGroot
Video Analyst

Performance Staff

Ben Donachie
Director of Performance

John Grace
Performance Coach

Hodong Cho
Sport Scientist

Medical Staff

Joshua Blomgren, D.O.
Chief Medical Officer/Head Team Physician

Brian Forsythe, M.D.
Head Orthopedic Officer

Kousik Krishnan, M.D.
Team Cardiologist

Jeff Tanaka
Head Athletic Trainer

Hillary Bell
Assistant Athletic Trainer

Tyler Golden
Assistant Athletic Trainer

Steven Burrows
Massage Therapist