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Quote Sheet | Taillandier, Gal and Osorio on 1-1 Draw Against Huntsville City FC


Bridgeview, Ill. (May 12, 2023) – Chicago Fire FC II earned its third consecutive point in a 1-1 draw against Huntsville City FC on Friday night at SeatGeek Stadium. Harold Osorio scored his second goal in as many matches with a penalty kick in the 57th minute. Following the conclusion of regulation time, the visitors came away with the shootout victory and an additional point. 

Head coach Ludovic Taillandier, goalkeeper Jeff Gal and Osorio shared their thoughts on the draw and the shootout after the match.

Chicago Fire FC II Head Coach Ludovic Taillandier

On the team’s performance and the mood in the locker room…“Like I said before those last three games, where we are technically undefeated, we lost three before these straight and we are getting better. We are getting better and we are getting there. We were very, very close to winning those games. It's a matter of being a little more successful in the two boxes. 

But again, look, there is a feeling of frustration, the feeling of losing something today. Because, I think the players felt they could have definitely gotten the three points today; there is disappointment. But you know, we keep working, we try to develop our style. And I think there are good moments in those games. 

There are still moments where we are maybe not solid enough as a unit and defensively to make sure that we win this game 1-0 – it's about sometimes not conceding the goal or so. And there is definitely better here to do. The goal conceded is something we can definitely prevent a little better. Then those key moments in the games that we don't always control very well at the moment but we are getting better at it. Results are showing that we are definitely very, very close to winning the game now. Let's keep working.”

On channeling frustration into a better performance…

“We look at the big picture.The big picture for us is definitely, while we started strong, we then had a little setback, that setback with three losses in a row. After that, we really feel in the last games that we are getting there. Again, it's a little bit of confidence for the forwards to finish those distances. It's definitely for the defenders to be maybe more composed, to not concede this PK today. Those key moments in the two boxes where we definitely will get better and we will win games.”

On the development of Harold Osorio…

“He's really special. He's very special in the sense that he's coming from El Salvador, he arrives in a different country and left his family behind. Then very strong, very resilient to work very hard at practice. And you know, he definitely has a lot of talent on the ball but also, we are trying to make him more transitional – the ‘I attack, I defend.’ And on those aspects, he shows us very good signs of fast improvement. And if on top of that he can score goals, then now we have a complete player. That's what we're trying to do with him, but definitely a good profile for the future of the club.”

Chicago Fire FC II Midfielder Harold Osorio

On the result of the game and team performance…

“I thought it was a difficult match since the other team came and forced their game onto us. Perhaps in the first half, it was difficult for us to retain possession and we let them play with the ball too much. I think offensively we did well, we attacked well, especially on the wings but what we’re missing is the finishing. We need that will of wanting to score and we ultimately have to work on that.” 

On scoring in back-to-back games…

I’m happy of course for the form that I’m in, I think it’s been difficult to get to the spot where I’m in now it’s personally been complicated. In the first half, I committed the error that led to their penalty and well the only thing on my mind was to get that goal back and thankfully I did. 

On the team morale and what the squad has to do to get the result next week…

“I think the squad is good, we all know this isn’t all we have to give. I think we can still improve a lot, there’s still plenty of games left and our goal is to make the playoffs and in order to get there we have to work really hard.”

Chicago Fire FC II Goalkeeper Jef Gal

On coming back from injury and his thoughts on the result…

“Personally, I'm feeling better, as best as I could at the moment. And the result I think it's a tough one. Coming away with one point I think today we were the much better team. I mean, first half to get one chance really, which comes with the penalty. Second half, overall 90 minutes we had so many chances. We just got to be more effective to put those away and then three points will be coming our way..”

On his takeaways from the match heading into next week's game…

“When we go over this game and look back at it, just to see, yeah it is a game where we lose two points and we just got to be better. People got to step up and put the ball in the back of the net. And then I think there'll be plenty of success in the future.”

On how he feels about his role with the team and his development….

“I feel like we mesh well. It's a great group of guys. Of course, obviously, I have a lot of professional experience. So just to bring that into every game, I think helps calm the guys down, just as an extra option every time. I just look forward to better days.”