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Quote Sheet | Taillandier and Borso Discuss 3-2 Comeback Win at Sporting KC II


KANSAS CITY (Sept. 10, 2023) – Chicago Fire FC II (9-8-9-4) scored three unanswered goals to win 3-2 at Sporting KC II (13-8-5-3) on Sunday afternoon. Luka Prpa led the winning effort with two penalty kick goals, while Chicago Fire Academy midfielder Dylan Borso marked his MLS NEXT Pro debut with a match-winning goal and a Man of the Match designation.

After the match, Chicago Fire FC II Head Coach Ludovic Taillandier and midfielder Dylan Borso discussed the result and Borso’s professional debut.

Chicago Fire FC II Head Coach Ludovic Taillandier

On the feeling in the locker room following the win…
“The feeling is extremely pleasant. Of course, we said before the game that we were in a playoff time mentality because each game is huge. Of course, we’re not there yet, but we did half of what we need to do to at least qualify. But again, I think we are so ambitious and we want to get as high as possible in the standings, not just defending seventh position or sixth position. If we can go to fifth, we want to keep pushing and play every single game to win it.

It’s a good feeling because we played against a team that’s definitely a playoff team; they will be in the playoffs, they clinched already. So it was a good way for us, a good game for us to assess a little bit what we can do against those kinds of teams. So that’s encouraging and I think the players are very happy with that.”

On the team’s approach to Friday’s regular season match…“Next Friday is a playoff game: you win, you advance. That’s definitely it. Starting this game, we started speaking clearly about playoff time, even if we’re not exactly in the playoffs yet. Each game has to be played like that, like you win, you advance. With this mentality, we need and we want to clinch Friday against Orlando.”

On the attacking performance of the team…
“I think we had 19 shots, they had 10. We definitely created a lot of chances; we probably could have scored a little more in the first half. When you score three away against this kind of team, it’s a good attacking result.

Dylan [Borso]’s first game, professional debut. He played with what we could expect from a young player: this enthusiasm, this passion, this joy. It was really pleasant to see that he enjoyed his first game, his first professional game. I think he deserved to score, he played a great game.”

Chicago Fire FC II Midfielder Dylan Borso

On coming through the Academy and making his professional debut…
“Yeah, you know, it’s super special. I’ve been with the Club for seven years now, and now, just to finally be able to play at the professional level means a lot and I’m super blessed to have this experience.”

On the importance of tonight’s result and excitement for next week…
“Yeah it’s huge. The guys were pumped pregame because we know it’s all in front of us now. If we can win against Orlando, we’re through to the playoffs so I’m super excited to contribute to the team.”

On being named ‘Man of the Match’ in his professional debut…
“You know, I have to flip it back to the team. They deserve all of it, pushing every single day, playing at a high level. It means a lot. Super blessed and excited to keep working.”