Supporters Section - What to Expect

Supporter Sections can be the highlight of any matchday experience and Soldier Field in 2020 will be no different.

Football supporters are not your average sports fans; The passion and energy that supporters create in Chicago Fire FC’s supporter sections can be seen and heard raging throughout the stadium for 90 minutes straight. There are few places in our city where you can find this level of excitement, noise and visual stimulation around any game, and we hope you have an interest in join the fray with CFFC’s supporters in 2020. Vamos!

If you purchase tickets in a supporter section (121-124), you should expect to find the following;

  • General Admission – No Assigned Seating
  • Loud Chanting, Singing & playing of Instruments
  • Obstructed views from Tifo, Banners, Flags, etc.
  • Fans standing throughout most or all of the match
  • Safe Smoke Activation in the area (non-toxic)
  • Passionate use of language
  • No Opposing Team Merchandise Permitted
  • Required to follow the Fan Code of Conduct 

If you have any questions about the Supporter Section at Soldier Field, please reach out to Manager of Supporter Relations Andrew Swanson (