Chicago made us. We’re a team named for the most powerful story this city can tell — its own legend.


Today, on the anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire and of our Club’s founding, we renew our commitment to playing the world’s game in the spirit of Chicago, one of the world’s great cities.



United by our pursuits on and off the field, our players, staff and fans reflect the complex fabric of our city.


We invite you to stand with us in 2020 and beyond, to amplify for the world the belief, passion and resilience present in every Chicagoan.

An iconic venue in world sports, Soldier Field speaks plainly to the ambition and the power of shared experience that makes this city such an attraction.


On March 21, 2020, our return to our original home will write another chapter in the great history of Soldier Field. Join us.



1. What is a 2020 ticket deposit?

A 2020 ticket deposit saves your spot in line to select seats for Fire games played at Soldier Field.


2. How much is a 2020 ticket deposit?

2020 ticket deposits are $20 per seat.


3. What can I use my deposit on?

Your deposit(s) will be a credit towards the purchase of the ticket product that you choose for the 2020 season. Ticket product options will include season tickets, mini-plans, groups, and single games.


4. How many deposit(s) should I secure?

Only one deposit is required to reserve your place in line for seat selection. We encourage you to purchase the same number of deposits as the seats that you want.


5. When does the process of seat selection begin?

We will begin the process of seat selection on Friday, November 1st.


6. How will seat selection priority at Soldier Field be determined?

Renewing season ticket holders will be the first to select seats at Soldier Field. Once that group of fans has chosen, next will be mini-plan buyers from last year than new ticket deposit buyers.


Realizing our bold vision for the future will require the unique input and contributions of so many within our city.


We invite everyone to experience a Fire matchday in our new home, get to know our club on and off the pitch and join the movement for a new era of our sport in Chicago.