Street Style Soccer is a new and exciting way for younger fans to showcase their skills. It will be open all season long inside the gates between A and B 2 hours prior to kick-off. 

A series of four main challenges will test the player's passing, dribbling, shooting, and precision abilities. Each player will be given their own credential to keep track of scores. See below for further description of each challenge. 


Skeeball Soccer – Players must try to chip soccer balls into skeeball rings angled on the berm. Each player will have 4 chances to earn as many points as possible with a TOP SCORE of 60 points. Top Ring - 15 pts, Middle Rings - 10 pts, and Bottom Rings - 5 pt. 


Extreme Juggling – Players will be challenged to juggle a soccer ball 30 times and then volley the ball into a target trashcan. Points are awarded per juggle for a TOP SCORE of 30 juggles and then a chance to earn an additional 10 points if the ball is volleyed into the trashcan.


Passing Challenge – Players race against the clock in their effort to dribble, rebound pass, and dash in and out of the passing challenge course in the shortest amount of time.


Target Shot – Players dribble around various cones in an attempt to fire off a shot on goal and hit the targets inside for points. Players will receive 2 chances to earn a TOP SCORE of 30 points if able to hit the upper 90s.

Zone 5

Fans are invited to cap off their Skills Challenge by hurling a paintball against the visit team's badge! 

Each player will receive a credential they can personalize upon sign-up for Street Style Soccer. As they go through the zones they can record their top scores for the day! As players return to compete, they can try to beat their previous scores.