By: Jeff Crandall

Section 8 Chicago has long provided one of the most creative and vibrant pieces of support both at home and on the road in Major League Soccer. This past Saturday I got to be part of the Fire supporters contingent in Montreal and though we were a small speck among nearly 59,000 fans at Olympic Stadium we sung with unity and provided our own atmosphere for the players throughout the match.

Knowing the atmosphere Section 8 is capable of producing in Toyota Park’s Harlem End, the Fire and ISA would like to see it resonate throughout our ground. With that, the club and Section 8 Chicago are partnering to push out the "Stand. Sing. Participate." initiative.

What is S.S.P.?

To improve upon the atmosphere created within Section 8 Chicago, we’re pushing all Fire supporters in attendance at Toyota Park to participate in specific chants that originate in The Harlem End.

Have you wanted to sing along with the Section to “Hot Time in Old Town” or “Vamos La Maquina Roja” but not known what the words being sung were? No worries, the Fire and ISA will have you covered throughout the stadium with chant cards to guide you along the way.

This Saturday as you enter the gates at Toyota Park, you’ll likely receive a co-branded chant card listing five popular chants in Section 8 Chicago. Miss them at the gate? Find our roving Firestarters or wander over to Section 8 Chicago and grab one! These will also be distributed throughout the entire season!

When you hear each chant come out of The Harlem End – Stand. Sing. Participate.